Lovely Linkage

A few online finds that make me happy this week...

This new song by Taylor Swift is breathtaking. Confession: I cried the first time I listened to it.

The "Impossible Project" - Turning mobile photos into real polaroids? Yes, please!

'New Girl' is back! Two new episodes tonight to start off the second season. Can life get better?

And let's take a few moments to revel in the awesomeness that will be "The Hobbit" this December. Cannot wait!


I've decided to treat my inner-child and get a pair of these whimsical shades.

This blog post by Joanna Goddard about her mother's style hit home for me since my mom's personal style has always been a bright spot in my life. I've always loved her wardrobe and the way she carries herself.

Underground New York Public Library. This girl goes to the subway and snaps photos of people reading. I think it's fascinating and I can't stop checking the site for new posts. Love the written word. :)

Must make these gold leaf paper mache bowls featured by Kelli Murray!

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Ana Paula said...

Adoro fotos reais,e as suas ser assim,parabens!!!
Seguir meu blog,aguardar voce la!!