I went to the UPS store to mail something today. Upon reaching the register to get a stamp from the cute cashier guy, I started choking. And I mean "I feel like I'm going to pass out" choking. Out of no where, without any warning. I try to remain subtle and charming, but I doubt anyone, not even Kate Middleton herself, could appear graceful while choking for no reason. Cute-cashier-guy quickly ran to the back and returned with the most darling little bottle of water I've ever seen. But I was basically dying, so I stopped admiring the stubby plastic container and started drinking up. It suppressed the violent coughing long enough for me to purchase a stamp and croak out, "Thank you." I ran back to my car, where I let loose and coughed until I felt like I was about to throw up. Once I was finished and able to breath somewhat normally again, I mistakenly glanced in my rear-view mirror.


My mascara had run evvvverywhere and I looked like a pummeled raccoon. On top of that, my hair was a mess; it appeared as though I had stuck my head out the window of a moving train (how did that happen?).

So basically, there's no way that guy wasn't attracted to me, right? ;-)


Staci said...

haha why are all the UPs guys are dang cute..must be the short brown shorts they have to wear ;) Awe I'm sorry you almost died..maybe you shouldn't of been sending something in the mail ;)

Adam Gainer said...

Hey. Everything from here on out should blow him away. If he didn't like you he probably wouldn't jave gotten the water

Marigrace said...

Oh, my gosh!! I just cannot stop laughing! Love the comments above - I, too, am sorry you almost died; but, how funny! Hope the thing you mailed was worth it!!

Sheri said...

I did that on a date once...started choking on my water, and didn't recover for like 10 minutes. I was so embarrassed!

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