The Return


About a week ago, I drove from Southwest Missouri to Salt Lake City with nothing but what I had packed into my little Ford Focus. Those boxes consisted mostly of books and clothes. I made the trip in two days (which thankfully went by faster than expected) and arrived in the mountain-surrounded city once more. I lived in the salty city for a year back in 2008. It was a quick, dream-like phase in my life and reminiscing back on that time feels so odd to me now. I feel different being here as a 25 year old who has experienced everything I have experienced so far in my life. I miss the people back in Missouri so much it makes me want to cry (okay fine, it has made me cry), but I'm not homesick. I feel like I am exactly where I am, when I need to be here. I think they call that feeling "peace." :-)

In January, I'm going to be attending school for Creative Writing and Editing. I suppose if I had to choose a career (full-time mom is my first choice), it would be as an editor or even publisher. Talk about a dream! I already love to write, so I'm hesitant to turn that into work; I feel like writing as a hobby or side-job would be more satisfying right now. As for the present, I'm settling into my new place and savoring the time I have with my brother and his fabulous family, as well as some close friends I haven't been able to soak up until now.

Only a week and already my time here has been somewhat of a roller coaster! I look forward to everything Salt Lake City has to offer me and I cannot wait to start school again. I crave that progression like I crave chocolate.

P.S. Before moving, I decided to go two weeks without eating any flour or sugar. Suffice it to say, that experiment is long gone. There are way too many amazing restaurants and bakeries to discover in the city for me to even think about restricting my diet right now. Ha.

(The photo above shows an acceptance letter for the Fall semester of this year, but timing was way too cramped. Just in case ya noticed...)


Alison said...

Welcome back!

Marigrace said...

Yay for you!!!

Mrs. Detherage said...

i LOVE this post! so happy youre in SLC - so much closerrrr!