"Caty, when are you going to blog again?" -Various Awesome People

Hey ladies and gents. I know I haven't talked through the blogosphere in quite some time (and last time I did, it barely counted as a post). I guess I needed a break. And I might not be quite as consistent as I was before 2012 came to pass. Basically what I'm saying is, I'm back but I can't promise anything. I have to admit it was nice not thinking about blogging for the last few months. But I definitely missed it. I missed sharing my day-to-day stories, random outfits, and cooking adventures with you all. I missed reading the sweet comments and tediously deleting the spam links. I missed it all.

I have been away for so long that blogger.com has changed a lot. When I clicked onto my Dashboard, I had no idea where I was. Jeesh, I feel so tech-illiterate right now. I'm writing this post on a page that I don't recognize and I am praying it somehow gets to your computer screens! Instead of catching up on the last winter and spring of my life, I'm just going to start fresh, here and now. It is Tuesday night and I'm wired. I just finished a protein milk shake and I'm craving cheese and crackers. I can hear my roommate, Brittney, walking around upstairs in her room (By the way, I'm not married anymore. Maybe some day I'll go more in depth about it on "The Bee's Knees." But right now, not so much. So please forgive me if you get a little confused when I talk about single life and/or dating, ya?).

My peripheral vision is focused on my lonesome Canon camera sitting next to the computer screen. It's been another area from which I've taken a hiatus. Just the other day, I found all of my loaded up SD cards and finally stuck them into the whirring computer tower. As I browsed the long-ago taken snapshots, I felt a little nostalgic for the art. Mind you, with everything I do, I still revert to "viewfinder" mode and always notice capture-worthy scenes. My fingers itch for that shutter button and my ears miss the "shchk" of a photo being taken. I think I'll take the camera out for a date this week. We need to catch up.

If you're a new reader and came across my blog while I was away, hello to you! I hope you all have had a great week so far and that you told your fathers and father figures how much you love them on Sunday. Check back soon for more posts involving anything from cooking to Instagram updates to movie/book reviews.

 Love you!

P.S. Gold star to anyone who caught my subtle "New Girl" reference in the second paragraph.


Jeni Brown said...

Welcome back Caty I missed your blogs!

Staci said...

yes welcome back...i feel so ashamed i love new girl and have watched every episode but have no clue what the reference is..some fan huh. No gold star for me :(

Alexandra Marie said...

aw thats so cute ! you have followers that love you :)

Alexandra Marie

Marigrace said...

Ahhhh... you're back!