The Obligation Monster

Have you noticed that most of the photos I post nowadays are from Instagram? That's because I never pick up my camera anymore. Ever.

I gave it a whirl and I ended up loathing it. A while back, I decided to turn my love of photography into a business. I absolutely loved bringing people joy by photographing them and their families. But I realized last week that ever since I started taking photos to make a little money, I rarely touch my camera for any other reason. And that realization left me with so much sadness. I remember not being able to wait to take my camera places so I could find beautiful scenes and moments to capture. And now I feel the opposite. I feel like it's an obligation and a job. And I can't let that happen. So I have decided to stop doing photo shoots, indefinitely. I miss loving photography. And while it was a pretty good idea for a business, it just wasn't for me.

This photo was taken the day I bought my Canon. Man, I had butterflies that day. I'm gonna get that back.


(the title references busybee lauren)


Marigrace said...

Go for it!!!!

Jacob Diller said...

Never let your passion become a job, it always ruins it. I am glad you are taking back your passion.

Just Fabulous Darlin' Handcrafted Jewelry said...

I love your pictures and I love your blog. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about my writing sometimes. It's dangerous to do what you love for a living. The passion is the important thing!

Victoria Waugh said...

I am the same way. I never use my camera anymore after people started asking me to take pictures. I realized I love taking the pictures, I hate editing them. I'm trying to discover how to get that love again too.

Nezi said...

I am so grateful to have found your blog! I love the style in which you write, what you write about and just generally the whole layout is the epitome of perfect!
I am your newest follower!

Love from,Eternal Archive