The Hunger Games

It's been online for a few days, but I couldn't resist posting the trailer for "The Hunger Games" any longer. I just keep watching it.
And I keep getting more and more excited...

- If you haven't read the books, you gotta do it before you see this movie. It's serious stuff.
- 'Movie-Katniss' seems exactly the way I imagined her.
- In the books, I didn't like Gale or Peeta. But after watching the trailer, I think 'movie-Peeta' might be great. I have a good feeling about him.
- The music in this trailer fits perfectly.
- Haymitch's hair makes me giggle.
- I thought choosing Lenny Kravitz to play Cinna was out of nowhere and all wrong. But I think I may be wrong.
- That countdown at the end freaks me out. I seriously just want to jump up and down yelling, "RUN!"
- The last thing you hear, Rue's whistle... Goosebumps. The end.


Alison said...

First of all, why on earth do you not like book Peeta? Second, the third book kind of ruined the whole series for me. But this trailer makes me remember how much I loved the first book. I'm probably going to have to watch this movie.

Caty said...

I suppose I should clarify by saying I didn't really like the Peeta-Katniss dynamic in the books. That is better. And I agree about the third book dragging the entire series down in flames. But I still remember reading the first book for the first time and loving it so much. I wish we could watch it together!

Emma. Emmalita. Em-uh. Em and m. said...

I am ridiculously depressed that We have to wait FOUR FREAKING MONTHS!!!!!! So not fair.

Miss Baksel said...

Can't wait to see the movie!!! Books were awesome!

Sara Zahn said...

I am so pumped! I actually loved the last book as well as loved Peeta :D
Remember Caty:
Midnight showing + Birthday Cake = Amazing ;)

Mariann said...

I just finished book one and I am so thrilled to watch it - I have actually watched the trailer ten times or so already.
Waiting four months is more than I am capable of, though.