How Was Your Weekend?

A few photos from the past few days...

I made coconut macaroons on Friday and they were probably the fluffiest, lightest, cloudiest pastries I have ever eaten. I intend to make them again and again and again.

One of my birthday presents was this Q&A book that spans five years, asking one question for each day of the year. I'm excited to start on New Years!

Another book. THE book. I am reading "Matched" right now because I've heard it's really good and the sequel just hit bookstores last week. I am loving it so far!

Spending Fall days at the park.


hKuhl said...

1. That Q&A book looks super fun!
2. I just read the description for Matched. Intriguing! Let me know if you recommend it once you're finished!

Miss Baksel said...

What's the secret on your macaroons? Can't get mine fluffy and light, they're always sacked. Taste is ok, but structure isn't.