Breaking Dawn: Part 1

[photos courtesy of bethany moak (bottom)]

A couple of weeks ago, I went to see Breaking Dawn: Part 1 with a few friends. I never blogged about it because I wasn't sure how I felt, so I had no idea what to write. I even went to see it again because maybe the second time would help me make up my mind (and it was half-price night at the movie theater). Not so much; but I did finally come to a conclusion: I didn't mind the movie because I didn't love the book.

A lot of people hated the movie. And I can see why, especially if you are a huge fan of the novel. The movie was chaotic and it felt disjointed. But the last book in the series was my least favorite, by far. It certainly found a way to wrap up the love triangle (albeit in a weird way) and it gave us closure for Bella and Edward living happily ever after. But it felt forced and for some reason, I felt like it was the odd-man-out in the Twilight saga.

With this attitude, the movie wasn't too bad. It was exactly what I expected. There were things I really liked (Iron & Wine playing during the vows, the imprinting scene was done well, the wedding dress was gorgeous, Taylor Lautner's acting improved a little, Bella's human-to-vampire transformation, etc) and there were things I didn't like (the super long wedding kiss, why can't they make Carlisle look good?!, Renesmee's CGI'd face, Jacob's alpha-take-over scene, the weird ending credits, etc).

All in all, I think I enjoyed the first half of the movie a lot more than the second half. But I'm not sure why. This sucks as a movie review, but it's all I've got for this one, folks.

If you've seen it, what did you think?

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