Worth One Thousand Words. At Least.

In my photography class, we learn a lot about Photoshop processes. Recently, we worked on a photo of a model whose eyes were slightly uneven. The assignment was to make her face more symmetrical. Ugh. It made me cringe (for obvious reasons, right?). To get over the ickiness of our perfection-obsessed society, I looked through old photos of my childhood and my family members. It soothed my agitation. Theirs is the real kind of beauty. The kind you can only acquire by living a beautiful life full of hard work and love and true fulfillment.

My grandparents. Goodness. Look at them.

My mother.

My father (right) and his younger brother Greg (left).

These are all straight scans. The only tweaking I did was the tint (less sepia, more black and white). Photoshop has nothing on these people.


Kathy said...

Digital photography and Photoshop can do amazing things, but still cannot capture the soul the way old school photography did. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family images.

Caty said...

I completely agree, Kathy! Thanks for stopping by. :)

VictoriaLeigh said...

Your family is gorgeous! You have some great genes :)

Marigrace said...