October's End

It's the last full week of October 2011 and that makes me a little sad. I love Autumn and I hate to see it fly by so quickly, the way it always does. But this means November is right around the corner. And that's a good month, too, because I just so happen to be turning 25 years old one week from tomorrow. Birthdays are my favorite. :)

Yesterday, I visited a cemetery here in town for a photography assignment. It was a beautiful day and I practiced my panorama shots. Unfortunately, most of the photos came out blurry because I was wearing smudgy sunglasses and my camera was on manual focus. It must have been an off day...

I have lots of assignments to keep me busy right now, including some HDR photography and custom book cover designs. I'm thinking Harry Potter (naturally)...

What do you have planned for this week? Any last minute Halloween touches?


the {Postscript} blog said...

pretty sure that's the most beautiful shot i've seen of a cemetery haha.
I know, October flew right by, but it'll be thanksgiving soon!
new follower :)

Caty said...

Thank you! And thanks for tagging along; I love the title of your blog! :)