Askinosie Chocolate.

A long time ago, they opened up a small artisan chocolate factory downtown called Askinosie Chocolate. I didn't go check it out until last week. What have I been WAITING for?! Granted, it's all dark chocolate (with a few white chocolate exceptions) and I am definitely a milk chocolate kinda gal. But this is different than the waxy dark chocolate you find in grocery stores. It's fresh and subtle; they make all of their chocolate straight from raw cocoa beans; everything happens right there in the factory. The chocolate is a little pricey; but if you love your dark chocolate, I suggest you save up and splurge on a few bars next time you're in Springfield.


I opted for the dark milk chocolate bar and it is delish. Rich enough to keep you from scarfing down the whole thing in one setting, subtle enough to not overpower your mouth with bitter cocoa.

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Sara Zahn said...

I love that he was the best lawyer in Springfield that was known to be able to get anyone off any charge and then one day decided he was done with it and became a chocolate-maker. Talk about a total life-change to follow your dreams. More people need to do things like that.