I went to see 'Warrior' last night. I have really been looking forward to this movie. I am not into MMA fighting (at all) but I knew this film would be about family just as much as it was about fighting. And Tom Hardy is kind of my new favorite actor, ever. And Nick Nolte is genius. So Gabriel and I went on a date night to the theater.


Even though I had high-expectations, I was still blown away by how much I loved this movie. There are a lot of heartbreaking moments (bring your tissues). But it has a brilliant ending. And I have to admit... the fighting is pretty bad-a. Yep, I said it. It's all I can do to describe the two main characters throwing down in the ring. Literally. I'm pretty sure I jumped out of my seat a few times, getting into their crazy-awesome moves and jabs.

And I'm just wondering if Tom Hardy is aware of how terrifying he can be. My goodness, the man can play an animal. His character in the film isn't a creeper or a jerk. In fact, he seems like a pretty reliable and trustworthy man. But he is so built up with anger and ferocity that I was afraid he was going to knock out every single person he walked up to in the movie. And there is a real reason behind his character's inner turmoil. He wasn't going everywhere, just pushing people around. He was prowling the entire time. With this insane scary look in his eyes. Amazing acting. I know this isn't what Hardy is like in real life (he has said numerous times that he is actually the opposite- a very non-violent or confrontational man). But I doubt I have ever seen an actor channel that kind of emotion on screen.

Best movie I have seen in a long time. I recommend it to everyone, men AND women. If for no other reason than to see Tom Hardy's fight scenes. Unbelievable.



Tasha Early said...

Don't translate that smut, Caty!!

Caty said...

Oh dear! I didn't even get an email about that comment! Geeeeez, annoying. But it's gone now. Thanks for the heads up, Tasha!

BreastFeeding Top Shop said...

I can't wait to watch this movie. My son keeps telling me he wants to watch it. Thanks for the info