Rip tide.

Well, folks. I'm feeling kinda down tonight. It's been a whirlwind week or two. Ever since school started, I have felt like a total spaz. I can't remember anything. When someone asks if I'm busy on a certain day, I have to put them on hold and reallllly think hard about it. And then I have to check calendars, student planners, and my Facebook events. And even then, I'm never really positive I don't already have a prior commitment.

And my apartment... is a mess. My kitchen is still cluttered from moving and finding the energy to clean/organize is proving to be a challenge, which means I am very unmotivated to cook. And that leads me into the subject of eating. I haven't really eaten anything worth anything for the past week. I just forget; or I don't have time. I have been immersed in this book series (The Hourglass Door trilogy) and every time that happens, the thought of food leaves my brain. The books have been wonderful; but I am so helplessly weak by the end of the day that I know I've failed my body. Tonight, however, I finished the series. I will actually have the thought and desire to eat now, but I always hate-hate-hate finishing a good book. Especially when it was the last book of a very intriguing series. It always leaves me feeling lonely and homesick somehow.

My graphic design class is dunking my head into Adobe Illustrator (which may be the most frustrating program I have used, to date). And my insomnia has flared up again. Probably a combination of not eating well, stressing out a little, and being consumed by fictional books about time-traveling Italian men.

But on the positive side, I am learning every day again. Learning about imagery, digital photography, baking techniques, etc. All of my classes begin after 12 pm. I did that on purpose; sleep is inconvenient, but valuable to me. Probably because I'm not very good at it. And I am going to be involved in some very fun projects in the coming months (which may or may not include modeling for a fashion show next week on C-street). And I get to see my sweet nephew, Masen, more often these days. Without fail, he always brightens my life a little more.

And after all is said and done, I would much rather be spastic, busy, learning, and happy than bored, uninspired, numb, yet comfortable (like I was before starting school back up). Don't you agree?


Mrs. Detherage said...

goodluck with school this semester, have fun! im sure you will. im in school this semester as well :) i havent any fun classes like yours though :/ but its school nonetheless! after reading your post, i had mint hot chocolate for breakfast with christmas carols. thanks Caty!

hKuhl said...

Caty - I started the Hourglass Trilogy yesterday and finished book 1 in an afternoon... I couldn't put it down!!! Then I went to the library to get the other two and they don't have them!?! How can they have the first one and not the others! It's so suspenseful! Anyway, thanks for the suggestion. They're so fun.

Caty said...

Hannah, that is the WORST! I hope you can find the last two books soon; the story gets even better!