Cold Weather Welcome

It's chilly outside. Just the way I love it. I already have two hearty dinners planned for this week/weekend: Steak Stew and Mulligatawny soup. I'm going to photograph the meals this time, because it's been too stinkin' long since I've posted anything about cooking! Yikes.

In the meantime, here are a few quick Instagrams from my life lately...


1. Time for thick, knit beanies!
2. And boots on cloudy days.
3. Spending a cold, rainy day at the library with Pumkpin Pie Hot Chocolate (life-changing beverage).
4. Reading "The Truth About Forever." I enjoyed it. Not super-fantastic, but a nice read.
5. S'mores for dessert (with caramel marshmallows... I couldn't only handle one and a half).
6. I love finding quirky cards. They make great framed art for offices/craft rooms!
7. Sunday scarf.
8. Pretty breakfast.
9. Double Chocolate Bread Pudding in my pastry class. Chocolate OVERload.
10. Shutter speeds written on my hand = Photography nerd?
11. My Square finally came! Pretty nifty gadget.
12. Memory lane! This was taken one summer at my best friend Molly's house. Many, many years ago!

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Jeni Brown said...

Where do you get pumpkin pie hot chocolate????