Baby Shower Genius


Last weekend was my sister in law, Casadee's, baby shower. Her sister, Morgan, planned everything and it was probably one of the best showers I've attended.

First of all, Morgan made the cake. And how adorable is that cake?! The theme involved buttons and ribbons (Cas is having a baby girl super soon!) and when everyone got there, she had a bunch of plain onesies hanging from a clothes line against the wall. In the middle of the room was a basket filled with fabrics, threads, ribbons, etc.

Second of all, no games! There were a couple of small activities, but nothing like the norm. You know the ones I'm talking about. They take place at most LDS showers (bridal or baby) and while they are cute and all, no one really comes away from the party saying, "Oh my goodness, I love shower games to the max!" If you do really enjoy them, I apologize; this isn't a shower-game-bashing post at all. I simply have yet to meet someone who relishes them.

Third of all, sewing! The main event, besides Casadee opening all of her sweet gifts, was everyone making a custom onesie for the upcoming baby. Such an original idea! We all sat around, chatting and snacking, while we sewed and crafted. The onesies were all unique and personal. I definitely love this idea.

Also, I recently learned that outside of the Mormon culture, men are often invited and involved when a baby shower is thrown, not just women! I had no idea! I'm thinking, for the future, I might really like to have both women and men invited to my baby shower and turn it into a social/mingling event as well as a party.

And while we are on the subject, can I just tell you how in love I am with the baby shower that was thrown for Rockstar Diaries blogger, Naomi Davis? The decor was to die for (so cute and chic) and the theme was even better: Books only!


"because josh and i are keeping baby stuff to a minimum (i swear you don't need half the "stuff" they say you do...) and also because we haven't found out the sex, we did a book theme to start building our little library of children books to read to our sweet little one." -Naomi

(their little girl now, reading all of the books she got at the shower)

My hero. I like the way this girl thinks. When I am pregnant (in the fuuuuuuture), I hope whoever throws me a baby shower (momma?) is reading this. :-)


Tasha Early said...

I'm planning on having a men+women shower!

Jeni Brown said...

Caty I totally agree about the shower games they usually play way too many and it gets annoying!

Duree Pamilya said...

I'm not a shower gamer either although it is definitely not a Mormon thing. I remember playing them at every shower I've ever been at... probably why I don't care for them, lol. For David, I had 2 traditional women-only showers and Jason had a guys night. Admission was a pack of diapers for the little one. We didn't have to buy diapers for the first 7 months! It was awesome :)

Caty said...

That's a great idea, Amy! Diapers for admission. :) I really thought the games were more of a Mormon culture thing; but now that I think of it, I *have* been to baby showers for many of my friends who aren't LDS and the games were still very much present. Maybe it's a phase that will pass some day soon!

Amber Dyck said...

Hi! Great shot! Is this from the Instagram App on Iphone? :)

Caty said...

Amber, the four photos at the very top were taken by me with my iPod (Instagram). The rest of the photos are from Naomi's blog, Rockstar Diaries.