Instagram Update

1. My name, sparkle-style.
2. Fuzzy airplanes in the sky.
3. The view from my balcony (on a rainy day).
4. Homemade "Green Machine" smoothie.
5. A medley of happy things.
6. Nutella and bananas (a favorite).
7. & 8. A trip to the Chicago Cheesesteak Company downtown.
9. Dessert from The Cup.
10. Sportin' the sneakers.
11. I am so ready for the upcoming months it isn't even funny. Yes, I listened to Christmas tunes while getting ready today.
12. Playing around with John's black light. Pretty rad!


Megan said...

Number 12 is pretty sweet. I would have never thought to instagram a blacklight photo. I don't have an iphone though, perhaps taking pictures of things would come more naturally if I did?

jenna marie said...

I'm so jealous you have your sparkly name. Why didn't I take mine?!