Something Strange

Angelica: "You're in a rotten mood."
Patricia: "It's the sunshine. Gets me down."

That is a scene from Joe Versus the Volcano (a must-see movie from the 90's). And that is how I feel 90% of the time.

I am happiest on a rainy day. I've met many who feel disarmed by my reversed-wiring when it comes to weather. Most people crave the sun. I crave the clouds, the rain, the wind, the gloom. But I think the given name is all wrong. "Gloomy days" indicates that on these days, everyone is more apt to feel gloomy and sad. I suppose this could be true when considering the majority of people living on the earth. But for me, these are my calm, comfortable, cozy, introspective days.

I don't mind bright days as long as I can catch a break from them. I think the only time I truly enjoy the sunshine for prolonged periods of time is during Autumn, when the leaves are on fire and the sunshine has more of a warm, settled tone than a harsh-beat-down-on-the-desert feel. I have always felt like summer weather is so imposing and slightly arrogant. Monotonous in the worst sense.

I do enjoy being outside for picnics, hikes, themepark-goings, baseball games, etc. And the sun is very much needed for those things. And I love when the sunshine streams through my windows, natural light is the prettiest. But if I had to pick an ideal for myself, it would be somewhere along the eastern coast. In a small town that has a lighthouse. It isn't too cold, but the clouds are saying "hello" and the rain is lightly pouring from the sky. Serene.

Perhaps if this were a constant, I wouldn't love it so much. Perhaps I should move to Seattle for a year and try it out.

But as far as I know, and you can call me crazy because most people do, I prefer grey over blue.


Staci said...

im with you ...love the movie and love gloomy days muchhhhh more then sunny.

Marigrace said...

You got that from me!!!