Playing Favorites


My goal for the second half of 2011 is to make every room in the apartment my favorite room. Right now, it is the kitchen (by a HUGE win).

Clutter seems to accumulate in the office like NO OTHER. It doesn't help that it doubles as my craft room. My bedroom is a sore subject because I have never been known for my excellent putting-laundry-away skills. And the decor in there is mediocre (totally my lazy fault). The bathrooms are less important, but I would love to find a vanity table for my makeup/hair products/etc. The living room is almost there. I need to Feng Shui it better. I have a sneaking suspicion it involves lighting; the fact that we have to keep a quilt over our sliding glass door to keep the 110 degree heat outside isn't helping.

I recently re-did my kitchen. And that is why it is my favorite. Because it was in passionate need of a cleansing. Not a cleaning, a cleansing. So I un-decorated.

Un-decorating is one of my favorite things to do when a room feels off. I had unneeded “accessories” in every corner on my kitchen counters. I was finally at the edge and took everything out of the kitchen and put it in the dining room, out of the way. Clear. It made me feel good. Until a glass bottle crashed to the floor and cut up my toes. That did not make me feel good.

*Sweep and thoroughly scour the tile floors for glass*

Back to my initial plan… I needed to see the blank canvas again. Turning to the dining room, I threw away a lot of useless knick-knacks/collectibles that I really didn’t love. Next, I grabbed most of my cookbooks out of the office. I also bought a plain, white planter to put my wooden spoons in (A huge, yet simple, upgrade from the adorable owl planter I used before. He will have to find another place to perch.).


Viola! After some routine counter cleaning and dusting here and there, I set it all up and felt so much more at peace in my kitchen.

Best advice I could give: If you don’t like the way a room is decorated, most of the time, it needs to be UN-decorated. If you really don’t have that much going on in the first place, it will at least give you a fresh perspective to start over with.

What is your favorite room in your home right now?


Marigrace said...

Beautiful job!

Alison said...

I love the pebbles in the planter, great idea and super cute.

manthy said...

It looks like you are getting the job done, my favorite room in y house right now is my office,although it caae at a price,y oldest son is getting married on the 30th but he had already moved into his new apt.
I love the clean look of your blog and look forward to being a loyal follower.