You all know I am a huge fan of Harry Potter. So bear with me for the next few minutes, because J.K. Rowling announced the announcement of her new HP site: Pottermore today. Apparently, in October, the site will open to the public as an interactive e-reading experience of Harry Potter. This could mean a lot of things. Like as you read the books, you get to visually see what's going on. Or maybe games/puzzles/riddles will be included. Speaking of riddles, the brilliant Rowling inserted a small riddle of her own in the introduction video. She stated that a few will be allowed to explore Pottermore before it's October release if they "follow the owl."

I can't just leave that alone, right? Oh, how I would love to crack the mystery myself and get in before this Fall! I gathered a few clues together to start with...

I watched the video closely when the shadow of the owl flies across the book. This particular chapter in the first book deals with things like Christmas holiday, the Invisibility Cloak, the Hogwarts library's Restricted Section (get it? no one is allowed in...), the Mirror of Erised, Nicholas Flamel, etc.

I then rewound a little and watched this image as the pages create an owl (seemingly from the same chapter/pages).

I decided to try out a few specific URL addresses (pottermore.com/owl; pottermore.com/invisibilitycloak; etc).
I kept trying different words/phrases at the end and eventually got this screen:

After a few more tries with a few more words/phrases, it changed ever so slightly:
(notice the "background" has gotten slightly more visible).

So, right now, part of my theory is that it has to do something with the Invisibility Cloak (one of the three deathly hallows in Book Seven). Namely because it was mentioned in the message I got after seeing these screens. And because it appears as though you're wearing it yourself, looking into the site.

I just can't quite figure out what to do now. Once I get home and re-read the chapter shown in the video, I'll put some more thought into it.

Yes, this is how much I love Harry Potter. And riddles.

Of course, all of the above may amount to nothing and I'll have wasted my time over-thinking it or trying in vain. We'll just have to see! :)


Sara Zahn said...

I have been doing that very same thing ALL morning! Trying to figure out what the chapter has to do with the owl and everything. I did try typing in different URLs but didn't get anything, thanks for the tip and good luck!

Sara Zahn said...

okay... I got the screen you did (finally) I am going to keep trying things, I'll fill you in (in secret ;) ) if I find anything out. This is so exciting :D We are such nerds haha

shad said...

I've been trying phrases for hours! Still haven't found the pages, congratulations :)

Caitlin said...

I don't know if it's too late for me, or not... I've been trying for while now, but it keeps giving me "Sorry, this page has vanished. Maybe someone has thrown an Invisibility Cloak over this page because it has completely disappeared. Why not go back to the home page?"
I've been typing in phrases, mostly related to the pages that the owl was built from, and the pages the owl's shadow flies over.