Locks of ♥

I had no idea my hair was soooo stinkin' long. Until I cut it off yesterday. Nearly a foot of hair gone, people! It feels oh-so nice.


Also, I don't know if this is just a universal Apple thing, but my iPod takes the most flattering pictures of every human being that stands in front of its little lens. The quality isn't the best, but every one always looks great on the screen!

Let me know what you think of the short new 'do!


Andi said...

Cuuuute!! =)

Trisharella said...

congrats on taking such a risk! It really payed off. I don't even know you and Im impressed:)

Maureen said...


Marigrace said...

Love it!!

Sasha200692 said...

I have just done the exact same thing. Best decision I've ever made. It's just boosted my self-confidence through the roof!

I don't even know you but your hair looks amazing. Well done for taking the risk :)

Andrea said...

Gorgeous cut! I bet it's so nice to have all of the weight(from the foot of hair) off just in time for summer