I am a "She." Not an "It."

I gotta get this off my chest. I’m going to get a little philosophical/spiritual/religious right now. I'm bringing this up because I've noticed a seemingly sudden trend in the media's focus: Regarding gender as a negative label that restricts a person’s potential in his/her lifetime. Yikes! I couldn’t disagree more; and I think it is a really selfish and bogus idea to live by. Media spotlights that I am referring to may or may not include this one... and this one.

I am a Christian. And while I do think we, as humans, have amazing potential and are inherently good, I believe there is absolutely no way we can do anything on our own. We need a Heavenly Father and we need a plan. Many religions teach about the present life and the afterlife. But one aspect of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that I love so-so much is that it also teaches the truth concerning the pre-mortal life. It truly is all-encompassing. The doctrine taught does not begin with the creation of the earth. It begins way before that, teaching that we had purpose and existence before the planet was even created. And as a result, it really affects the way I view trials and temptations. And human nature. :)

It is because of my belief that gender is a part of the human soul that I feel ignoring the distinction between males and females is dangerous. Before I was born into this world, I had a spirit, intelligence, and personality. I also had just as much free agency then as I do now. I believe I was just me without the body, female and everything. Because I am not just a child of God. I am a daughter of God. I can see how a lot of people believe gender is purely anatomical. But I have to respectfully disagree. There are so many emotional and psychological differences between men and women that I have a hard time believing my body parts are the only things setting me apart from my husband. I believe that gender has a lot more to do with everything than just hormones, too.

Do I think a person could truly feel as though they were born with the wrong gender? Of course! I think that is a very real and authentic trial that some people have to go through. But I think it is just that: a trial (and a huge trial, no less). I think it is something to endure, just like every other difficult life situation that goes on in this world. In the recent song Born This Way, Lady Gaga sings, “God makes no mistakes.” I agree with that. But being born with certain temptations or tendencies is not a mistake made by anyone. It is the mortal condition. It is what we agreed to experience when we decided to put ourselves through this journey.

Embracing the truth about gender shouldn't be looked at as a negative thing. Sure, we as human beings have gotten it wrong in the past. Our history's societal approaches toward "men versus women" proved to be less than appealing. But that was just us attempting to embrace gender roles in the right way, which we failed to do. However, the struggle is admiral. Just like everything else we struggle to understand in this world. Take science for an example...

"There is no conflict between Allah and science. Allah created the mystery of the world and science struggles and mostly fails to explain it. But the search for truth is honorable. I honor Allah through the search for truth." -Bones, episode 5.04

Replace "Allah" with "Heavenly Father" and you have my beliefs exactly.

If I know I was born for a reason, then why would I stop that personal testimony at gender and think I was born a girl by chance? It doesn't make sense. I was created and born on purpose, and that faith includes my womanhood as well.

P.S. My intentions never include offending others. This is what I believe and I ask for simple respect if you disagree. I love you all. Peace out.