Pony Beads


I saw this beaded necklace tutorial on P.S. I Made This and decided to give it a go. I used the fabric from a plain black tee-shirt. I wanted that cotton/poly feel. The website says the thinner the better, but I disagree. Cutting the strips too thin caused my pony beads to lose their pattern and slide together (the turquoise strips shown above are still too thin for my liking), so I tried to keep my fabric strips thick. Also, make sure and cut different lengths, if you want the staggered look shown in the photos. After I finished arranging and cutting, I secured the ends by wrapping a tiny, clear hair elastic around them. I pulled out the fabric strip of the top strand on both ends, allowing me to tie it together around my neck. Pretty cute accessory! I'm excited to try out different color combinations.



sara brook said...

i want. i want.

She Loves You and So Do I said...

Love it! The colours you chose are awesome! I am definitely going to try this!