Catch my Dreams. Cuz you can have them!

I made my first dream catcher. And I love it! And I'm just kidding about giving away my dreams. Mine are always crazy. And sometimes, that means they are very violent and horrific. But if I had to give up dreaming? Whatever, no way. I love my nocturnal imagination. I don't love the nightmares. But I will tolerate them for now.

The ingredients.

The first thing I did was paint the hoop gold. Then I started threading it by tying a knot. Pretty basic.

Then, you start looping it every so often, making little sections. After you come back to the knot, start looping the thread between each section you just made. If that doesn't make sense, check out the original link. It lays out the process a lot better than I can.

The finished product. I am in love.

You can dress it up however you want to with beads and feathers. If you make your own, link me to it. I would love to see!


gusDon said...

Life is a mystery and always have to be solved!
Many roads lead to Rome... Cool!
I also love to dream and always have a lot of great things...

Eva said...

nice d.i.y :)
now if only it REALLY caught dreams..


LCR said...

Just stumbled over here from rockstar diaries...
Love the dream catcher. I made one when I was a kid, but it's such a good idea now! I love the dreamy look of them.
Happy Weekending!

Caty said...

Welcome, L! I hope you have fun reading about my random projects and adventures! :)

Lauren said...

I'm so impressed! i am too afraid to try because I think mine would be hideous!