The third day has been completed. I am now home in the air conditioned, anti-bug environment. Blessings.


- Sweat bees.
- Tennis shoes that don't fit properly.
- Port-o-potties. Blahhhhhh.
- Completely running out of water three hours from closing.
- That communication wall that seems to present itself when the adult is trying to give the child direction. It's like they don't even understand a word you're saying.
- Dehydration. Doh! I didn't drink nearly enough water on the last day.
- I have never heard more children complain about being outside and being physical active. There was a frequent claim of "joint pain" and being too tired to walk. All they wanted to do was go home and sit on the couch (not all of them, but a lot). Granted, it was hot. But they were completely fine. And if I, a 24 year old, can walk up a forested hill, so can a bunch of 9 year old boys. It was pretty sad.


- Walking sticks being used only as walking sticks! The jedi knights stayed home today.
- Pocket knives. The Bears get pocket knives at the end of day camp. It's basically what they live for.
- Bonding between scout leaders.
- Little boys filled with random facts; dying to tell you about Africa, pine trees, and penguins.
- Ice water.
- The "knot ninja" who taught the boys how to tie rope in numerous ways. Hilarious.
- Watching two boys fight, then agree to disagree, then end up best friends by the end of the day.
- Little boys learning magic tricks.

Day camp is over with. Bitter sweet. More bitter for the boys, I am sure. But it is always so fun to watch them learn and grow as little scouts. They learn so much about respect, freedom, service, and character through the achievements. The program really is a blessing to have and I feel blessed to be a part of it.


Marigrace said...

Hurray for you and all the others! I am glad you made it through.

Alison said...

Way to survive Caty!