Today is Friday. And it was the second day of cub scout day camp.


- Learning my first-day-swollen-weird-leg condition wasn't a cactus. But it's gone now. And remains a mystery.
- Witnessing the volunteer boy scouts re-ice the water coolers in the camp. (Dumping the ice out of the bag and onto the ground to break it up. Then scooping said ice from the ground and throwing it straight into the water... *gag*)
- Sun burnt hands. Ow.
- Taking two boys to the first aid building (cactus needles and bug bites)
- Badminton. Super challenging and slightly dull for little boys.
- Dropping my sunglasses into the river of a massive cave. Embarrassing.
- A red-headed boy known as "The Angry Irishman." He was sent home early for head-butting. Hilarious, yet harmful.
- Scout leaders who let their boys act like characters from "Lord of the Flies" (save the creepy parts).


- Cloud cover.
- Cooler temperatures.
- A nice breeze.
- The wonderful promotion of patriotism in scouts.
- Gatorade.
- When the dehydrated boy I nursed came up to me for a hug and said "Thank you."
- Cave tours.
- Watching the boys giggle hysterically every time they passed piles of guano.
- The landscape of SW Missouri. The greenest green can get.
- Acorns the size of your fist.
- Little boys who randomly know French. ??!

Tomorrow is the last day. And while I am excited to not walk around in the sun herding little boys from place to place for eight hours, I will miss how fun the atmosphere has been. This is to me, hoping the weather will play nice again. Fingers crossed.

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Marigrace said...

SO FUN to read your blog! Glad your list of uppers is so long!