This weekend is the annual summer day camp for cub scouts. Today, tomorrow, and saturday.
One down. Two to go.


- Being outside in 90 degree weather. All day long.
- 70% humidity
- Watching my leg swell up after unknowingly walking into a cactus during the first activity. All I knew was that it hurt bad. And I was too slow to see where it came from. Go me!
- A spider falling out of a tree and onto my head.
- Discovering freckles that aren't really freckles (ticks).
- Hungry, tired, hot, grumpy little boys every where.
- Hungry, tired, hot, grumpy scout leaders every where.
- Trying to teach a few of the boys that killing animals for no reason is wrong. And having them argue back. That conversation will be continued tomorrow.
- Walking sticks; Out of nowhere, they can turn into swords, light sabers, balancing poles, and all other imagined objects that could potentially injure the human body.
- Running out of water in the middle of the day.
- Dirt inside my socks.


- Hearing the nurse tell me it was a cactus that got my leg and not a snake. *relief*
- Having my various random lessons about respect, faith, etc. actually get through to the boys.
- Watching two grown men decide that the best way to get rid of a wasps' nest is to shoot it with a BB gun.
- Watching the cub scouts excitedly observe the two grown men shooting a wasps' nest with a BB gun.
- Listening to the boys tell stories of their adventures during lunchtime.
- Cave tours.
- The boys' fascination with bat poop.
- Accepting a daisy that one of the boys picked for me.
- Handing out string cheese at lunch (I'm amused by children's love for the specific dairy product).
- My boys winning at Tug o' War (I get a little competitive, too, sometimes...).
- Watching my cubs naturally do good deeds.

I listed the "Uppers" second so I could end on a good note. Because while these things are seriously exhausting and tiresome for us leaders, the enjoyment all of the boys get out of day camp makes it totally worth it. And I will believe that statement more when Sunday rolls around.

That is what I'm doing with my weekend. What are you doing with yours?

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