Things a Den Mother Must Learn to Embrace

If you ever find yourself as a Den Mother to a bunch of little cub scouts (8 to 10 year old boys), you will, in due course, witness many conversations and/or activities that revolve around the following subjects:

Super Heroes: Which ones are best (which usually results in a huge argument) and what powers would be the coolest to have; this discussion usually ends with all of the boys combining their powers to rule the world.

Super Villains/Monsters: Boys love ghost stories. They also love acting out ghost stories. Apparently, zombies are very "in" right now.

Peeing Contests: As in, “I can pee farther than you can.” …or… “I can write in the snow better than anyone else.”

Glory Stories: And by this I mean: tragic tails of broken bones, bug bites, allergic reactions, successful pranks, etc.
Boys love to share their adventurous tales that involve danger, illness, and scars.

Laughter at various disgusting words and/or concepts; usually involving bathroom functions or cooties.
See the "cooties" they created...

Weapons and Battles: Never in my life have I witnessed so many mock sword fights and wrestling matches.

Parents: Little boys love to brag about their parents and everything they are capable of doing. I think it’s adorable. And it usually turns into a heated debate of whose father can grill the best burger or whose mom can pack the coolest lunch. Eventually, they all have to concede and agree to disagree.

Cleverness: The cleverness of boys never runs out. You will always be amused and entertained as a Den Mother.

Also, your heart will double in size. With all of the silliness that goes on within a cub pack, a lot of bonding takes place between the boys.
Friendships are made. You will see their sensitive sides, their competitive sides, their emotional sides. And they will teach you more than you teach them.


Emma. Emmalita. Em-uh. Em and m. said...

Beautifully written and the pictures enhance those words. A delight to read :)

The Roberts said...

cute post!

Marigrace said...

How cute!!! The post and the boys!

Miranda W. said...

Were you describing 8-10 year old boys? Because I thought you were describing my husband.