I am back from a family reunion in Texas. Mom and I drove home last night, missing the Joplin tornado by a couple of hours. The mood is somber here in town (I live about 90 minutes from Joplin). I plan on driving out there Wednesday, but more tornadoes are predicted for tomorrow night, so we'll see.

I will post a few photos from the trip to Texas as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please keep the people of Joplin, MO in your prayers. The destruction is devastating, the death toll has surpassed 100, and so many are still missing.


MNM: Mangum Family said...

It would be considerate to those who are suffering in Joplin right now to not go sight seeing. Leave the roadways clear for search and rescue, medical professionals, law enforcement, and those that really need to be there (i.e. the victims and those allowed in to deliver relief items). It is my understanding that they are not letting many extra, untrained people in right now anyway. There are many, many pictures on the news station websites for curious onlookers.

Caty said...

I should have clarified. I meant that I would post photos from my trip to Texas as soon as possible.

Of course I wouldn't go "sight seeing" in Joplin. I will end up taking my camera, but only to snap a few shots to document what I see, not to be a nuisance or satisfy anyone's curiosity. I intend to visit so that I can help in any way.

Staci said...

I think if you have friends or family in joplin you should be able to go in and help any way you can so if you feel you need to go to Joplin caty and even document pictures do it. It's close to home and it really helps us far from home understand the impact the tornado had.

Staci said...

i heard they are asking for anyone willing to volunteer to come help and donate! It's not just designated to certain pl!

Caty said...

Thanks, Stac!

I have called the phone numbers given for anyone wanting to help and they are definitely accepting volunteers into the city. They are just trying to keep it organized and a lot of people are misinterpreting that to mean no one can come.

So if anyone in the area wants to go help in Joplin, just find a local news station (they have the phone numbers) and get everything set up. They will let you know where you can help out best in the city.