Under Construction.

It seems most of my photos are down today because Photobucket is performing maintenance of some kind or another. I hope they get back up soon, my blog looks so lame without the photos.

While maintenance is being performed, I will tell you that I am really into the whole vintage circus scene right now. With Water for Elephants being released next week, I have been looking up old photos of circus performers and whatnot. And if my pictures were actually working, I would share some of my discoveries with you. Maybe tonight.

I am listening to Colbie Caillat right now and it is taking me back. Scent is said to be a very dramatic memory trigger, and the same goes for music and me. Sometimes it's hard to listen. Most of my past relationships are closely linked to certain songs.

Right now, I am driving south on Campbell street toward the huge public library they just built. And now I'm at the park near the mall, swinging away. I'm not really. But that is where my mind is as I listen to "Feelings Show."


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