Things that freak me out

Busy Bee Lauren created a post called "things that scare the crap out of me" last night. It was hilarious. She asked everyone what freaks them out, and so I am carrying it on and letting you all know about my various, random frights...

I am a dreamer. And this time, I don't mean in the Beatles way. I have vivid dreams and even more vivid nightmares. They always feel more like distant memories than anything. And they started when I was baby. At four years old, the first recurring nightmare I ever had involved Grimace, the McDonald's character. I remember every detail of that dream. My siblings and I are playing outside in front of the house. Suddenly, the ground is shaking and we look up to see a huge Grimace walking up our long driveway. He is so big that it feels like an earthquake. We all run into the house and hide any place we can find. John and I choose the blanket closet in the hallway. He crashes into the house and we listen as Grimace attacks our family. Then he opens the door to our closet and just stands there. Right when he lunges for us, I wake up, freaking out. I had that dream constantly as a child. No fun.

The Wizard of Oz.
No matter what I do, this movie will continue to freak me out until the day I die. Everything about it seems off in a creepy way.
Especially those flying monkeys. *shudder*
Give me Wicked on Broadway any day, I love that show! But this movie is probably my least favorite of all time.

The dentist.
It's not so much fear as it is extreme anxiety. I love my teeth. And I want them to be healthy. And that is the only reason why I force myself to the dentist on a regular basis.

The Ocean.
More specifically, any (large) body of water where the bottom is too deep for me to see. My imagination runs wild with the kind of creatures living at the bottom. I went on a cruise once and they took us out into the middle of the Caribbean to swim with stingrays. The only way I coped was by having two of my best friends with me. And it was a shallow area. And I took a lot of deep breaths.

What freaks you out most?


Kai.Mercado. said...

OKay so we need to be friedns because the ocean scare me to death!!! I can't go into it where my feet don't touch the bottom because I don't like not knowing what's beneath me....

Caty said...


Sara Zahn said...

I totally get the grimace fear. I had no idea that was his name... Who names a character for children Grimace?

Andrea said...

You think Wizard of Oz was scray, try Return to Oz. Creeeeepy.


Staci said...

grimace hahhaa i totally forgot about that thing..what is he..a chicken heart? Wait he is a chicken heart that rips out the heart of your dearest loved ones. You also need to add the kidnapper from chitty chitty bang bang on here...he gets me every time.

Jac'n'Joe said...

Yeah I was scared of the purple dude too...I didn't know his name was Grimace either...I was too young I guess...I think I got him mixed up with the purple people eater, which is why he scared me...I was also scared of a big purple something at chuckee cheese's but I don't remember what it was...at least I think it was purple...I just know that I was always afraid to go into the jungle jim maze thingie because it was under the stage where the big scary thing was singing and dancing and being "scary"...and I am slightly claustrophobic or being stuck in tight spaces like a hole in the ground...when I was young I was especially scared of witches ever since we saw that movie "Witches"...I had really bad nightmares and was afraid to go to sleep at night...I'm still scared of scary movies in general too...some thrillers I can handle...but I try to stay away from them and super scary, or even remotely scary movies..otherwise I will have nightmares...it's just safer that way :)

Bianca said...

HAHAHA! LOL on Grimace! Of all the characters in the world, he's the one who freaks you out. But seriously, your nightmare was really funny, but it really is freaky if I had it when I was a kid. Good thing you love your teeth! You should really take care of 'em so you won't have teeth nightmares. Yeah, oceans and any large body of water is kinda freaky, especially if you don't know how to swim.

Thanks for the laugh, Caty.

Bianca Jackson