History Still Happens


It makes me kind of sad that unless you are British or a news reporter, not caring about tomorrow’s royal wedding is more popular than looking forward to it (or so it seems).

But I'm excited to watch Kate Middleton step out in a gorgeous white dress and walk through Westminster Abbey to wed Prince William. I won't be waking up at a ridiculous 3 a.m. to watch the entire coverage of pre-wedding preparations. But I will be awake to see the ceremony. Because things like this just don't happen anymore. Things of a royal nature, that is. I don't believe in being led by a monarchy. But there is something so historically romantic about it all. A refinement that has slipped from our grasp.

Also, I love that no one knows anything about the dress. And I hope it lives up to expectations.


Marigrace said...

I have very similar feelings... and what a beautiful couple they make!

Lingering Liveaboard said...

I watched at 6 a.m., and had a wonderful feeling watching her ride to Westminster. I agree that it was special and I'm happy that I was able to see it. Wonderful, and she was beautiful. Lovely couple.

jenna marie said...

I agree. I've been watching Downton Abbey {LOVE it, watch it if you haven't} and it makes me wish I lived in a more refined time when people had oodles of manners and the style was ridiculously gorgeous!