I am a Lover of Garlic

It's no suprise. I have never tried to hide it. Garlic is the food version of chocolate. I can't get enough. So when I found a recipe called "44-clove Garlic Soup with Parmesan," my life became a little better.

I was lazy and didn't take photos of the process. It took me about two hours (due to my laziness that day). But I did take photos of the result. And did this soup rock my world? That is an understatement. It does, in fact, contain 44 cloves of fresh garlic. But the majority of them are roasted (a good way to mellow out any flavor) and the rest are cooked in chicken broth for about 20 minutes. The flavor isn't at all over-whelming. Nor does it taste like mega-garlic soup. It is sweet, savory, and salty. It's a perfect soup for a rainy day. And an even better dipping sauce for bread and crackers.

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hKuhl said...

Have you had the Bruschetta at Bambino's? So much garlicy goodness, you'd love it!!!