Closet Psychology

The closet in the master bedroom of our apartment is ridiculous. In a bad way. The bar is about seven feet from the ground and only half of the clothing is reachable. For the other half, you have to cram your whole body into the corners of the closet just to see/reach anything. And the storage space consists of a dinky wire shelf above.


I didn't notice what a negative effect this all had on me until last week. I came home from a harmless errand run with a new denim jacket and striped tee shirt. While I adore my new items, I really didn't need them. At all. When I got home, I looked at the shopping bags and went into a minor panic attack. I just kept thinking: Am I addicted to buying things? It is so easy for me to spend money. Am I a shopaholic? I have tried very hard in my life to not become any sort of "aholic" or addict; and becoming dependent on shopping is the last thing I need in my life right now. I trudged to my bedroom and prepared to hang the jacket and shirt up (notice how returning the items never once crossed my mind). When I turned on the bedroom light and looked at the closet, I felt even more weighed down. All of my clothes looked ugly. I hated all of them. While hanging up the new clothes, an idea introduced itself to my mind.


I walked into the second bedroom (which we use as an office/library) and walked inside the massive "craft closet." The floor was still covered with boxes from moving in and my crafting supplies, save the Christmas boxes, were in no particular order. I instantly started condensing everything down and moving the boxes to storage. By the time I was finished, I had an entire walk-in closet with tons of free space and three (count em) three different-leveled racks for hanging clothes.

I emptied out all of my clothing from the awkward, depressing, seven-foot tall bedroom closet. Now, my things are arranged exactly the way I want them (jackets, blazers, button ups, blouses, basic tee shirts, graphic tee shirts, tank tops, skirts, dresses). There is a place for my jeans, my sweaters, my belts, and my scarves. I am hanging a tall mirror on the wall and plan to hang up more lights for better lighting.

It is a work in progress (I'm still tidying up and organizing everything). But it's amazing how much love I feel for my clothing now; and much I don't think about shopping anymore.


Now I just have to find a place for all of my shoes...


Lingering Liveaboard said...

That was a good idea. I sometimes feel like I'm shopping too much, too, but maybe I just need to organize. I just moved in to my first house and am still figuring out where things go (read: crafts and clothes in places that my husband won't call them clutter!) Thanks for the inspiration.


Sara Zahn said...

I feel your pain, but alas, our huge walk-in closet is saved for toys and little girl things.

Marigrace said...

Good idea!! Leave the closet with the 7 ft high whatever for Gabe...

You Are My Fave said...

I wish we had more than one closet in our apartment. Although I've gotten pretty good at stuffing as much as possible in a small space. It's not pretty.

katelin ruth said...

i love your optimistic approach!