Rhett Let Me Down

During the very few minutes of the Golden Globes that I did watch, I saw that they were about to begin some segment that had to do with amazing Hollywood productions and suddenly, Gone with the Wind filled the room. That famous kissing scene covered the stage while the theme song belted out. As the hosts introduced an unnamed actor, my heart leapt within me as I envisioned Clark Gable making his way toward the podium. Then, Tom Hanks showed up and I slumped my shoulders in disappointment and, eventually, embarrassment. Gabe started laughing at me and said, “Clark Gable has been dead for a long time.”

And then I realized that if Clark Gable were still alive and well enough to attend Sunday night’s award show, that would make him 110 years old.

Still… I would have liked to see Rhett Butler save the evening from the awkward pairing of James Franco and Anne Hathaway.


Maureen said...

This made me laugh!! I would have held my breath too....just at the idea of seeing Clark Gable. :)

Sunshine said...

I love you Caty...I think they hosted the Academy Awards. And I too would have LOVED to see Clark Gable...that would have drawn me to watch!