I Spy

Gabriel and I are sitting on the couch watching Prison Break: Season Two. Our windows and the door to our deck are all open, letting the cool air in. It is eleven o'clock at night. I glance out into the parking lot of our complex and what do I spy with my little eye? Lovebirds; two of them; making out in a car. The car is running, the girl is in the driver's seat, and the guy has his door wide open, as if intending to depart... yeah right. Anyway, I say to Gabe, "There are two people making out right outside our apartment. Gutsy!" I mean seriously, because of the wide open door, the lights inside the car were on, allowing a complete visual opportunity for an audience.

I turn my attention back to Prison Break, because it is a tense episode (like every episode of Prison Break) and Michael is about to see Sara for the first time in like, a week. After the 45 minutes are up, we get the next one ready when I happen to glance out into the night again. And what do I still spy with my little eye? Yep, they are still at it, making out in the parking lot, lights on, door open and everything. Ha!

We start the next episode. But then, I hear a loud engine outside and suddenly the Make-Out Mobile is blocked by a humongous SUV monster truck. He just sits there, weird-like. I see the driver-side door open and I nudge Gabe. "Something is going down! Look!" We pause the show and watch as the driver, who is just as big as his vehicle, steps out and walks over to the opened door of the Make-Out Mobile. He covers the entire side, leaning into the car. I hunker down into the couch, worried that if anyone sees us watching, we could inevitably be taken out by some FBI agent. [I was watching Prison Break while all of this happened.]

Anyway, after a few long minutes of a very tense, but very interesting conversation, the giant shadow man gets back into his huge SUV and backs out. The boy gets out of the car, slams the door and sulks away toward an apartment building. The girl pulls out of the parking lot and follows the big giant SUV man away into the night.


Two theories:

One: The big giant SUV man was indeed an FBI agent and these two were undercover and the entire operation was blown due to their undying love for one another.

Two: The big giant SUV man was the girl's father and he came to completely throw down on the boy for making out with his daughter for like two hours in a dark parking lot.
*The more likely option


It really took me back to the nights of college roommates not being able to sleep so we would grab some snacks, open our windows, and eaves drop on all the crazy things that can happen at an apartment complex.

Good times.


hKuhl said...

This is toooo cute Caty! I love it and it makes me miss Springfield! and You...

Caty said...

Hannah! I miss you toooooo.

Marigrace said...

How fun! Absolutely nothing exciting happened in our yard last night out here in the middle of the forest.... that we saw..

Maureen said...

LOL!! Entertainment at its finest....