I am stuck inside a huge snowball. Well... okay; there isn't that much snow. But this whole place is still practically shut down because no one can go anywhere. Yesterday when walking to get our mail (which is still on hold from the storm), the snow was up to my knees and a little higher on some sidewalks.

It's a love/hate thing. I love that Mother Nature forces us to take a holiday once in a while; to slow down and breath in between our crazy schedules. But all this cabin fever makes me want to do is shop. I always love a little shopping trip, but this is ridiculous. I am craving Borders, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters. All of it! I think when I finally get to drive somewhere again, I will have to tape my wallet shut.

Today, it isn't so much shoes or cute jeans or haircare products. It's books. But it's also more of an organizational thing. I have tons of little sticky notes lying around everywhere with a book title or author's name scrawled onto it. These are my various "to-reads." Today, I gathered them all up and compiled them into one big, fat list. I have a feeling there are more being used as bookmarks somewhere. Those will have to wait for now.

The books I try to read are usually recommended to me by family members, friends, and trusted magazines/websites. However, I am not interested in reading filth. So this is a rough copy of semi-content-reviewed titles that I might have to whittle down a little bit more for my own sake. But here are all the sticky notes I have found thus far:

Apollo's Angels: A History of Ballet
The Devil in the White City
The Court of the Air
Cleopatra: A Life
D.V. (biography of Diana Vreeland)
Remembering Smell
How Did You Get This Number?
Born to Run
Beauty: A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast
Real Simple: The Organized Home
How to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World
Brain Candy
Guns, Germs, Steel
Where Children Sleep

What's the weather like where you live?


Colin and Nickolas said...


Andrea Grace said...

VERY cold, but no snow:(

you should check out Francine Rivers. she's an amazing author!

paper trees said...

You may be able to digitally download some of those books from your local library. I know ours has a couple of those titles... so even though you are stuck you may be able to get a jump on your list :). Good luck and stay warm.

We are having sleet and such here and everything is shut down because no one knows how to drive on ice and snow in the south.

Lovely said...

The Shock Doctrine is pretty awesome..but only if its your type of thing.

New Zealand is pretty chill today, nice and sunny.