Think Before Grab

I am cooking myself lunch this afternoon.

Looking at the recipe, it says "place oven-safe skillet into 375 degree oven for 40 minutes."
Easy. No problem.

20 minutes and a faint burning smell later...

I look in the oven. Everything seems okay... as I reach in and grab the hard plastic skillet handle. Yeah. OUCH.

Luckily, the handle was still in tact. Luckily, it wasn't melting all over the oven. Luckily, I didn't grab a stinkin' hot melting plastic skillet handle with my right hand. Instead, I grabbed a stinkin' hot regular skillet handle with my right hand.

After jumping up and down (and there might have been some squealing involved), I run cold water over my hand and take a deep breath.

10 minutes and a smart decision to use a pot holder later...

The skillet is safely on top of the oven, simmering on low heat. I turn on the burner to start boiling my water for the pasta. After five minutes, I smell yet another faint burning smell. What the?!

I walk over and see that I turned on the wrong burner. Silly me! Oh, but there is a hard plastic pot handle in my way, hanging over the hot burner. I will just move that over with my left hand. Yeah. OUCH AGAIN. Who knew that something could generate such an intense amount of heat by resting only four inches above a crazy hot burner? I was supposed to know that.

Seriously. Both of my hands are burned right now. Luckily, there was no melting involved. And the burns aren't as bad as I thought they would be. I think I might need to duct tape oven-mitts to my hands next time I cook.

If you were wondering... the meal turned out alright. At least the food didn't burn.


Marigrace said...

Oh, my!!! I should have taught you that one!!

Tasha Early said...

I'm always getting burned.
I always cry.