Yesterday, I had a girls day with my Katie Alpha. I have been through so much with this girl. So many trips, so many experiences, so many boyfriends. I love amazing girl friends! This has been a stressful time for both of us, so when I mentioned to her that I could use a spa day, she enthusiastically responded, "Me too!!" and we set it up.

We started with pedicures. I have never been huge on getting pedicures and I don't know why. Because that 30 minutes was amazing. I placed my feet into a bubbling bath while I sat in a massage chair. She started working on my calluses and nails. The foot and leg massage made me realize how tense I really have been for the past while. Katie and I just sat there with open magazines in our robed laps, eyes closed, and deep breaths being taken. Now my toes are pretty and painted red.

Our next stop was a massage, something that I take very seriously. It is one of the best ways for me to unwind and relax. I am happy to say it was probably the best massage I have ever gotten. The woman had magic hands and worked out a few knots I didn't even know existed. And she didn't say a word the entire time. I don't understand when massage therapists try to make conversation during a massage. No sense whatsoever.

The last service was a facial. Something else I have never been too interested in. Yesterdays definitely didn't change my mind. When I got into the room and lay down on the table, things were feeling pretty great. I had just gotten out of my massage and I felt like I was floating. But then she came in and stuck a mega-humidifier in my face. I live in the Ozarks, where humidity is pretty high all the time. It is why our snow sucks for skiing and why our trees are so green. I am used to breathing in half water/half air on a yearly basis. But laying on that table, I felt like I was drowning. Every time I closed my eyes, I imagined myself at the bottom of a swimming pool. And I don't enjoy swimming. So I had to ask her to move the thing twice. Eventually, I just ignored what she was doing and turned my face away from the gushing liquid air just to breathe. After getting the point, she moved it away completely. And even though she was petite little thing, she sure put some muscle into that exfoliator. Once I made sure I still had skin left on my face, I noticed how good it looked. It wasn't a totally harsh experience!

For lunch, we went to eat lunch at Zio's Italian restaurant. It was lovely. We were planning on spending the entire day together, but sometime came up and we had to postpone the rest of our day until next week. I can't wait! I love my Katie Alpha (Which it totally a nickname; her last name isn't really Alpha.)

After taking a nice afternoon nap, Gabriel and I went to see I am Number Four. It was surprisingly really good. I expected a simple action/sci-fi movie. But there was depth to the storyline and they let the characters develop before getting to the fight scenes. The movie was very fantastical, but really entertaining! Alex Pettyfer did a great job and I totally recognized the bad guy, even with the creepy make up and costume: It's Kevin Durand from Wolverine and Robin Hood!

I didn't take photos from the spa or the movie date night, but here a few from the restaurant. It's better than nothing right?



Marigrace said...

Glad you guys had a good day!! You really have done a lot of fun things together.

RosMari Brand said...

I love the photo of the restaurant! It looks like such an awesome place!