Happy LOVE Day!

For Valentine's Day, Gabriel surprised me with tickets to the stage production of Beauty and the Beast! We went on Saturday afternoon and it was SO fun! Here are a few moments I remember most and a few photos to follow...

-All the little girls dressed up in princess dresses and tiaras.
-The song and dance numbers were phenomenal.
-The actress playing Belle was spot on. When I closed my eyes, it sounded exactly like her!
-The part where the Beast transforms back into the Prince was awesome.
-I wanted to try on ALL the dresses that made it onto the stage.
-Chip. Chip turning into a "real boy" and running out to Mrs. Potts. And then tears, from how cute the little boy and the Mother/Son moment was on stage.
-Gaston was hilarious.
-Lumiere and Cogsworth were even more hilarious.

Not so Happy?
-Babies. I understand bringing little kids to a production like that. But little babies? Little babies that cry for the first half of Act One and little babies that freak out every time the Beast "roars"... Really?
-The crazy leak during Intermission from all the melting snow on the roof. They had to clear out an entire row of seats.
-People who buy their tickets way late and end up sitting apart and then try to negotiate with other people who didn't buy their tickets way late to trade all sorts of seats to accommodate them. I'm just sayin. It's kinda rude.
-Flash photography. I took photos. But heck no, I didn't use a flash! The person behind me, however, didn't notice. Or didn't care.

Now, here are some scenes from the show.

This last one is of Gabe standing during Intermission. A random shot. But the lighting was kinda cool

What are YOUR plans for Valentine's Day? I know a lot of people call it "Lovers Day," but I think anyone you love can be your Valentine, even if it is your adorable niece or nephew. This is a day to love and feel loved. If you aren't feeling so great, send someone a card or flower (it can even be anonymous!). It will brighten your day as much as theirs.

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