Egypt Rules. People Rule.

Can I just take a moment and say how stinkin' amazed and impressed with the Egpytian people I am? Mubarak finally resigned because these people (many of whom are in my generation) fought for their own democracy. We just saw major history people! The people alone ousted a dictator who had been in charge for three decades. That is something to pay attention to.

On an NPR interview , someone coined the term "Internet Revolution." It was one of the head honchos of Google (Wael Ghonim) and he also made a profound statement: "If you want to free a society, just give them Internet access." Of course that isn't the only way, but he was referring to the ability to literally see and participate in unbiased media, to be able to know the facts and the truths about other countries and societies on this earth and how they are functioning. The world isn't a closed book anymore.

For cub scouts a few weeks ago, I was planning a lesson based on the different ages and eras of our world's history. Ya know, the Renaissance, the Wild West, the Ice Age, the Space Age, the Industrial Revolution. Periods of time where some significant progression or events took place, significant enough to have its own title. I was thinking about how sad it was that we haven't really had another "age" or "era" in so long. But while keeping up on everything going on in Egypt, I realized how wrong that is. We are totally in the Communication Age. Or the Internet Age. Whatever you want to call it. We have seriously taken communication and free information to a whole new level.

Have you ever read the 5,000 Year Leap? The gist of the book is that during the past 200 years, our society has made the improvement and progression that should and always has taken a society about 5,000 years to make. This includes our governmental system, our national set up, our democracy, the inventions in travel, business, medicine, discoveries in science, the arts, and it just keeps going. We human beings really are amazing. It is one reason why I so passionately believe in a Creator.

Let's hope and pray that things continue to go well in Egypt and for the people who have fought so hard to make their freedom happen!

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Andrea said...

5000 year leap is an awesome book!! Great post, thanks for pointing this out:)