I promise I will post some pretty photos for you all soon. The last few posts have been filled with writing. Which is something I wanted to do, because I have been neglecting my writing for a while. But I miss taking photos, even if it has only been a week!

Today is a thunderstorm day. We haven't had one in a long time and I have been in need of the sounds and smells that come with storms. I have always found them so therapeutic.

It is Thursday (the best day of the week) and we are moving into a new apartment tomorrow. I can't wait. More room. More windows for more daylight. Closer to Walmart (for my chocolate cravings...?). An actual dining room (no more eating at the coffee table!). We are taking this opportunity to clean out our possessions. I am not a hoarder and I never will be. In order for me to keep an object that I don't use or love, it has to be extremely meaningful or valuable. Because it just comes down to the fact that clutter, whether visible or hidden away, makes me grumpy and frustrated.

Lastly, have you ever started a television series on DVD and became absolutely obsessed with it? I mean you can't stop watching it and can't watch anything else until you are finished with this show because it is just perfect and amazing for whatever reason? No? That's weird, it happens to me all the time. It started years ago with Friends. Then I moved into my own place with roomies and we got hooked on everything from 21 Jump Street to Veronica Mars to Arrested Development. Then I got married and we became obsessed with The Office, Smallville, and 24.

It has been a while since I have experienced this massive waste of time that could also count as a mental holiday from all the stress of life. And Busy Bee Lauren basically has me convinced that I should try out Prison Break. I think tonight sounds like the perfect night to start a vacation...


Kim said...

I recommend Lark Rise to Candleford, a BBC series. I couldn't stop watching, and they just finished the fourth and last season, so you can watch the whole thing.

Maureen said...

We cleaned out a TON of stuff when we moved....and now that I have a house big enough to fit all of us....it fits more "stuff" too. Yikes!! Congrats on your new apartment -- I'm sure you will love it! :)