I Wear My Sunglasses @ Night

January of 2011 is pretty much finished. Where did it go? Half of me feels like it flew by. The other half feels like Christmas was forever ago.

Last week, I tried to keep my junk food intake to a minimum. I guess a lot of people don't eat chocolate every single day like I do. And while I love it, I think I need to start focusing a little more on health. Mainly because stress is an issue for me right now. And when I eat better, I feel less stress. Go figure.

But I just love chocolate too much to give it up. Therefore, I have designated Sunday as my free pass of the week. I can eat as much junk as I want without feeling horrible about it. So last night, I had cookies. Like... a lot of cookies. And I guess a major sugar rush can be the outcome when you eat a lot of cookies after not having any sugar for days.

As a result, this definitely happened last night...


On Saturday, I bought these awesome wrist bands for 50 cents at a vintage shop downtown (I will post about that day later). They inspired me to embrace the decade in which I was brought into the world: the 80's. Too bad the photo doesn't show you my amazing side ponytail and leg warmers. I guess I was in the zone. I don't know. It all seems a little fuzzy now.