I know this is a little late. I mean it’s already the 14th. But this is kind of a New Years post, just to let you know...

I am happy to be over with the last decade. It was oh-so good to me. But I feel like I have been holding onto the past ten years a little too much and I am ready to move on. This is the first time I have been old enough to grasp living through an entire decade. During the 90's, I overcame my fear of the dark, officially became a student in Kindergarten, got baptized, etc. A lot of great stuff. But my lack of earthly years kept me from any solid comprehension.

And I have been feeling a little stuck lately. What are we supposed to do when we get stuck? We make goals. But what if most of your goals never get accomplished? Like mine. I write them down, feel great about them for a week, then life happens and I forget. The older I get, the less my time is scheduled for me (middle school, high school, college, etc). That kind of authoritative structure helps with achieving goals. Now it is all up to me.

All of our lives, from school on up, we are told how important goals are in life. And I agree. So there has to be a better approach for someone like me. For me, goals have a slightly negative connotation due to the fact that so many people are procrastinators or bad follow-through-ers. But the good news is, I think I found my answer last week.

While out west, we had dinner with an outstanding couple, the Egans. They are wise and wonderful and watched over Gabriel while he was in South Africa on a mission. Sister Egan had the most profound idea:

“Goals are lonely. Instead, have righteous desires and let the Lord accomplish them with you.”

Brilliance. If I have a hard time keeping my goals intact, then why not involve Heavenly Father? I try to involve Him in every other aspect of my life. Why not involve Him in the planning of my life?

So, this is not to goals, resolutions, or simple lists. No. These are my righteous desires for 2011…

-Be more punctual to all of my meetings and events. I didn’t say I would always be on time. I just said I would be more on time. Baby steps.

-Limit my online social life. Ah… there it is! The proverbial love-hate relationship with Facebook. To be honest, I am tired of all the online social pretenses. I love so many people. But I feel forced to call my acquaintances “friends.” The term “friend” has become so loose and gets thrown around into every corner of our casual, convenience-obsessed culture. There is nothing wrong with being an acquaintance. I like acquaintances. And the word sounds so dainty.
I am simply going to limit how much I get involved in online social networking. Because I want to value my privacy more this year and not feel guilty for it. If people want to keep up with me and see how I am doing, they can simply read this blog, call me, or email me directly. Facebook is never required to keep in touch with others and I fear society is beginning to think otherwise. Not so, dear ones!

-Continue my crafting, photography, and writing. I love creating things that make myself and others happy. Sewing is a new found joy for me and I intend to get better at it this year.

-Write in a journal. I used to have the goal of sitting down one day and writing as much as I could about the past how many ever years that I haven’t recorded. But I am not going to do this. It is too daunting and I know myself; I won’t do it. This is what has kept me from writing in a journal now. For some reason, I feel like I need to keep a consistent record if I am going to keep one at all and that means making up for the past ten years. I am knocking down this barrier and starting with today. Viola! Much less daunting and much more achievable!

-Plan weekly/monthly meals. I love cooking. That is evident throughout the blog. But I would enjoy it even more if I planned ahead.

-Write another novel. I wrote one in 2009 for National Novel Writing Month. And while it is finished, it isn’t very good; hence why no one else has or ever will read it (a simple fact). I wrote it mainly to see if I could write one at all. So now that I know I am capable, I want to write one with more purpose and feeling. Maybe a novel that I wouldn’t mind showing another human being.

-Only purchase items that make me giddy and happy inside. Over the years, I have become very picky about what is in my home and closet. If I kinda love it, I won’t buy it. It’s all about value, right? I have faltered a little and purchased just for the sake of purchasing. Bah! (This should never deter anyone from sending me gifts. Gifts always make me feel giddy and happy inside.)

-Be healthier. I had to throw it in. It’s a must for any list like this, right? And I really mean it. Just like everyone else does in January. But Easter never fails to arrive with those blasted Cadbury eggs that always come at me like tentacles from the sea. This year, “moderation” will be written on a sticky note in every room of my house at Easter time.

-Make a book of inspirations. I have so many clippings from magazines that I find inspiring and uplifting. I want to put them all together so I can thumb through any time I am feeling down or creatively blocked.

-Organize my recipes. Yikes. I store all most of my recipes in a cute little box near my computer. But this isn’t good enough. I need them in a folder separated by meal genre and more. When I think of doing this, I get butterflies in my stomach.

I have never been huge into the New Year's holiday, let alone making resolutions. But I do hope that all of you have been able to sit and reflect on where life was brought you and where you want it to take you this year. Great things are to come! Because how can a year that I have personally nicknamed "Twe-leven" be that bad?


Molly said...

My recipe box has little tabs with "Dessert", "Meat", and so forth--like a binder. Less daunting than completely re-organizing, yes?

Staci said...

Great goals! I'm so bad at making goals or new years resolutions. I did infact make the goal last yr to plan my meals better and do one new meal a week...and i actually did it. I have never been so fulfilled. Good luck...drop me a line on FB every once in awhile hahah ;)

TannHart said...

I'd say those are some pretty righteous desires!
Moderation...that's something I'm planning on working on too! I read something in Jesus the Christ this week that has really helped me...If you want to read it then it's on page 28 was going to type it out but it's WAY too long, but if you want to read it, bottom of page 28-top paragraph of 29.