Golden Globes 2011

I will simply give you my favorite fashion moves from last night’s Golden Globe Awards. I won’t rant about how awkward and uncomfortable the entire show was. I won’t go on about how much tact and skill Ricky Gervais lacked during his lousy hosting commentary. I won’t talk about how weird and snobbish Robert De Niro’s speech was. I won’t even go into detail about how upset I am that 'Inception' won nothing.

I might bring up how funny it was to see all of the bored and/or offended faces of the stars in the audience, like the cameramen were seeking them out. But I definitely won’t talk about how much alcohol was on every single table in that room, as if these celebrities hated their lives and wanted to drink their careers away.

My goodness, people. Hollywood used to be classy and elegant! Or at least it wanted to appear that way.

Nope. I am simply here to give you my personal best-dressed opinions of the night. In no particular order.

I am not crazy about the dress, but she really is gorgeous. 
And she is graceful, which is why she is on this list. 
Her presence was hard to ignore. 
Every time the camera cut to her in the audience, she was either whispering into Brad's ear, applying lip gloss, or showing various reactions to the speeches. 
All in all, she reminds me of a glamorous old Hollywood star more than anyone else these days.

The dress is unique
and the color looks great with Anne's coloring.

Emma Stone!
I hardly recognized her without her deep red hair. 
I love this look on her; there is something Mod about it.

This girl is from Glee. 
I don't really know her name, sorry! 
But this color looks amazing on her and I didn't see anyone else wearing it.

I know, I don't really like the huge rose applique either. 
But she just looks radiant. 
And you can tell she is pregnant and happy and healthy.

This is my very favorite dress of the night. Olivia Wilde looked stunning in this ballgown, especially when she walked onto the stage with Rob Pattinson (who even checked her and the dress out on stage in front of everyone, ha!).

 Did you have a favorite dress or dapper man of the evening?


Ebony said...

I agree, Olivia Wilde looked amazing in this dress. And so appropriate with her gold sparkles :)
I also loved Anne - she gets it right so much.
Emma Stone looked like 1) she was naked and b) she needed to eat something, anything! :p Imo.

I really liked the colour of Mandy Moore's dress - it suited her to a tee. There was a heck of a lot of safe neutrals this year... I love those who take a stab at standing out.

Oh and Michelle Williams was so 90sesque and I've just finished watching the entire series of Dawsons Creek. Made me smile the most :) She is a darling.

Staci said...

the top three dress were my fav. too in that order. Somewhat modest and classic.

Molly said...

I thought that Catherine Zeta-Jones looked awesome (which is almost a huge duh). I agree about Natalie Portman--the dress seems weird but it works so well for her.

The other one I really liked was the Marchesa dress that Amy Adams was wearing. And Anne Hathaway always looks superb.

Oh yeah, liked Lea Michelle's dress. Plus she's so happy.