The Cake Stand ♥

I am finally discovering the happiness that is the cake stand. I saw a post on NieNie's blog that involved a handful of pretty, glass cake stands and I loved them. But I guess I always limited my thinking to, "I love to bake, but I never make cakes. I would never use a cake stand." Oh, how wrong I was!

It occurred to me that I could use them for whatever I wanted, not just cakes! What about serving dinner's dishes on top of them, cupcakes or cookies, placing whimsical candy jars filled with colorful sweets on top, even using them as an elevated place for candles and such? With these renewed feelings, I started keeping an eye out for the best cake stands I could find. Sadly, Springfield hasn't adapted itself to the vintage/whimsical/fanciful fashion that I love. But no more "sadly's" because I found an amazing cake stand tutorial this morning on Bee in our Bonnet! I never thought of making my own (...again. Maybe I should work on this recent creative limitation of mine. Yikes!).

Check it out here.

I love their choice of the bright blue. What color will you paint your cake stands?


Molly said...

Bright blue totally works for me--most of my kitchen things are yellow. I really want one of those swivel-y icing stands myself.


Staci said...

how creative! Why can't i be this creative? I can't wait to see your new project come together ;) I like the blue but i also like yellow too.

andy & lo said...

we have a million milkglass & glass ones from our wedding.
they come in handy for parties.
you really can put anything on them!!
in the meantime i display them above our kitchen cabinets