Photos and Phriends

I was asked to take photographs at the 2010 Winter Gala for our singles ward here in town. It was so much fun to see friends and dance with my old roommate, Amelia. It really took me back to my single days and how blessed I was to have such a great time during that part of my life. There are so-so-so many photos from that evening, so I posted them on my photography blog:
Photos by Caty.
Go over and check them out if you have time!

And for a random tangent that is mostly for my sake:
A History of Catelia (Caty and Amelia).

the two of us at friday's gala

summer float trips

frequent photo taking.

ballet lessons.

dancing like nobody's business.
[i was the limbo queen]

my 21st birthday party.

laughing alllll the time.
we burned a lot of calories this way.

Love you, girl!

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