Movie Nite in The Grid

We went to see TRON: Legacy last night in 3D. It was uh-mazing. I have no idea what the critics were talking about when they said the story and everything pretty much sucked. Yeah, the graphics were one of the highlights, but I thought the story was just fine. What were they expecting? The baby of 'Shawshank Redemption' and 'Forrest Gump' to pop out onto the screen (weird mental image...)? It's about a video game, peeps. I wanted to watch it IMAX-style, but I guess Branson isn't cool enough for that yet.

1. Jeff Bridges is kick-butt in this movie. There is one part, in the middle of a club fighting scene, where he is the man.
2. Quorra is too funny. And I am so happy the character wasn't just another pretty woman. She has actual depth and purpose. You go, girl.
3. No commercials! Only previews before the movie. Granted, there were literally 30 minutes of previews. But at least I didn't have to sit through a super-sized advertisement for some car or soda pop.

1. People who are uncomfortable with silence in the movie theater. They always feel the need to say something or laugh for no reason. Silence is okay.
It adds suspense. It is there for a reason.
2. Other people who verbally participate in the movie, or like to insert sarcastic remarks in between the dialogue.
I shushed someone last night. I didn't pay $12 to listen to his almost-witty comments for two hours.
3. Broken speakers in the movie theater. Bummer.

Go see TRON. It is SO entertaining! And it is Science Fiction at its best. And Jeff Bridges is the man.


Sara Zahn said...

I can't wait to see it, the original is a classic.

Sunshine said...

We were supposed to go watch that for our anniversary but alas, kid's basketball and church cleaning dominated all of Saturday...perhaps this week sometime...