A Letter

Dear Scarlett O’Hara,

I know I’m not even halfway through Gone with the Wind, but could you please get off your high horse and realize how madly in love you are with Rhett Butler? He finally stopped being such a weirdo and actually declared his love for you, which was followed by the best kiss you have ever experienced. And you loved it. But you still won’t admit how perfect he is for you. And you are determined to hang on to Ashley, who isn’t available and may even be dead. He isn't the least bit interesting anyway. Rhett, on the other hand, is a man you don't want to wait 400 more pages to give in to. I speak the truth.

A Hopeless Romantic Reader

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Duree Pamilya said...

have you never read it before? I admit, I saw the movie first but only because I was, like, 6 and my mom may be obsessed, lol. I also saw the TV series Scarlett which is a sequel to Gone with the Wind, though not written by Margret Mitchell. Rhett Butler's People is a prequel (book) to GWTW that my mom liked also... I've yet to read it, though. Enjoy it! Gone With the Wind is one of my favs!