Jack of Hearts

I have finally opened my Etsy shop, Jack of Hearts.
It is named after my nephew, Jack, whom I love dearly
(I adore all of 24 of my nieces and nephews, make no mistake).

For now, I am posting a few wreaths
I have been working on this past week.
Soon, I will start selling some projects that I am very excited to share with you all!

Here are the items currently for sale:


Lauren said...

I just made a wreath like the middle one, yesterday! Of course yours is superior!

SO excited for you!

Sunshine said...

I love the butterfly one Mrs. Caty! I am trying to figure out where to hang it in the house!

Anonymous said...

i love that last wreath! that is so so cute and perfect for spring. and dang, you have some skills with those flowers!

The Roberts said...

Love the first one...well they all are great...I'll have to take a look at your shop.:)