It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

That song is one of the best.
I like "O Holy Night" as well, but it is so overdone that I try not to listen to it so much. However, Glee's version took my breath away.
Lea Michelle, you have a gift.

Anyway, what I was going to talk about is the live Nativity going on in Springfield right now. Have you ever been? You should go. This weekend is the last chance to experience the wonderful spirit felt with the Christmas holidays.

Gabriel and I went on Sunday evening...



It was a beautiful set up!


Diana Smith said...

I agree, this song is so beautiful!

Sara Zahn said...

I LOVE those songs. Especially Oh Holy Night. That songs makes me just want to belt out in song, but for the sake of others within a couple miles of me I refrain...

Lauren said...

O Holy Night is one of my favs, and I get so sad when people ruin it. (read: Clay Aiken) ha!